This is way out of character for me

I would never have guessed I would have a blog. I’m an opinionated person, but I’m not one to publicly share my feelings for everyone on the web to see. But I decided to start a blog because it’s a great place to put my thoughts and feelings in to one place.

I was motivated to start this blog by a woman named Brie Gomez, someone I will never meet (at least while I’m on earth) but she’s someone who I feel like I know very well. Brie passed away December 27, 2010 after injuries from a car accident the evening before. Brie was in the car with her husband and two daughters, but she was also 30 weeks pregnant with their first son. Everyone else in the car survived, including their son.

It’s a miraculous story, but it’s also very tragic.

Brie had a blog that she kept to inform friends and family of what was going on in all of their lives, sharing very personal feelings, struggles, memories and occasions with the rest of the world. No matter what her subject was, she was always very quick to always give God the glory, in the good times and bad times.

After Brie passed away, her friends and family turned several blog entries in to a devotional journal in order to help save for her children’s college funds. I was blessed with a copy of the book, and to say that her beautiful and faithful entries changed my life would be an understatement.

I encourage everyone to get a copy of her book because I truly believe that everyone can relate to her and her family in one way or another. She lived such a full and happy life for Jesus… something that I struggle with daily. Brie journals her spiritual struggles as well, but what touched my heart the most was that she was always so faithful to turn to God for everything-whether for answers to unknown questions, or for praises when she had been through a miracle.

I hope to model my life after hers.

So really, I have no idea why I’m doing this blog, except that I hope that through it, I will hold myself accountable for living every day with a strong relationship with Christ. I became a Christian in 5th grade, but I’ve definitely fallen short more times than I care to remember. I rediscovered my longing to have a strong relationship with Jesus through Brie’s book.

For me, so many times, I forget to credit Christ for the good things that happen to me and my family, and I forget to turn to Him during the bad things that happen to us. But in all things, Christ is the answer, and Brie helped me realize that.

So I’m keeping this blog as documented records of the blessings in my life. I know there will always be times that I don’t realize something is a blessing and I’ll forget about it, but I suppose that’s why you can always for as a Christian (well, one reason out of many).

I hope and pray that each word on this blog is said in love. Even when I’m frustrated and just need to vent, I hope that the words of my mouth, the meditations of my heart, and therefore the words on this blog would be pleasing to Christ.

And trust me, it’s only through the works of Christ that that will happen. I know I’ll always fall short of the glory of the Lord, but I have faith the He will pick me back up, dust me off, and continue showing me the way.


“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4


Let me know your thoughts!

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