Finally Catching Up!

Oh my gosh. It’s been forever since I’ve updated this! I actually forgot my log-in information and had to search for a while. Where do I even begin to catch you up? Well for starters, our wedding is in 40 days! Panic time! Seriously, I can’t think of it or else I’ll have a panic attack at work!

Oh yeah, work. I switched jobs about a month ago. I moved from the Bryan/College Station area to a suburb of Dallas for several reasons. First of all, Luke has lived here for a while and has a great job, so I knew I’d be moving here once we got married. But unexpectedly one day, a recruiter for an awesome advertising company emailed me saying they had run across my résumé and thought I’d be perfect for a position at their company. I interviewed and moved began work there four weeks later. It was a really fast turn-around, but it’s been a huge blessing so far.

So my wedding is 40 days away, but my first-ever half marathon is only 6 days away. I’m really excited about it, but I’m also nervous! I’ve always wanted to run in a half marathon, so Sunday, I’ll have one thing crossed off my bucket list! I’m so excited to say that Luke will be running with me! I’d love to start and finish with him right by my side with each step. Hopefully this will be the beginning of many to come!

After my half marathon, I fully intend to work solely on my wedding details! I’m so excited to finally get focused on my wedding again, especially since we’re in crunch time right now! But running for several hours after work throughout the week really puts a stress on wedding plans! Although it was the perfect way to get in shape for the wedding!!

Christmas is also around the corner! I think I’ve got my Christmas shopping done (at least my checking account tells me I should DEFINITELY stop shopping), but I think I’m going to make a few things for my family as well. I’ve always enjoyed painting, and I think homemade gifts are the best! I’ll have to post pictures on here once I get them painted!

I think that’s a decent update on the craziness of my life! I’ve been so busy, but I hope to start blogging more often. Again, when you’re training for a half marathon, it feels like all your free time is devoted to running, or recovering from running! And I’ll definitely post more often after my wedding! I’ll have to have something else to keep me busy J

Until next time friends,

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”

Let me know your thoughts!

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