Race Recap: First Half Marathon!

Yesterday was the much anticipated, long awaited half marathon! My first half marathon, which I’ve been training for since July! It was such a blast! I came in at my exact goal time of 2:20! It didn’t feel like 2 hours at all though. I felt so relaxed and had so much fun that it might as well have only been 30 minutes!

Despite all my training, I was stunned when reality hit a few times in ways I never would have realized.

First, I remember when I started running after years of being a couch potato. At the beginning, I could only run the distance from one lamp post to another, then I had to walk from one lamp post to another. So really I could only run about 100 feet then had to walk the next 100 feet. Pathetic right? Especially considering I was 21 years old and should have been in much better shape. Eventually my body caught on and running became slightly easier. Anyway, I said all that because part of the half marathon was right down the exact path that I started running. It was amazing to see how far I had come! From only being able to run 100 feet to running to running about 70,000 feet is a huge accomplishment!

Second, I can push my body harder and faster than I had ever trained! With less than a mile to go, I was passing people with ease. Then I had to run up a drastically steep hill. It was hard to keep going at my same pace, but I had to. I thought of slowing down or walking with just half a mile left was the ultimate failure. I took it one step at a time, only thinking of the next step. Before I knew it, I was up the hill and about to cross the finish line!

Third, I really enjoy running. I came to that realization yesterday even when I was feeling dehydrated or like I was about to cramp up. Running is so worth the pain of training once you start running. I loved every moment from yesterday. From waking up at 5am to getting my finisher’s medal, I feel so blessed to have lived yesterday.

Finally, I really am fearfully and wonderfully made! It’s amazing how the Lord created our bodies to function for Him. I think that’s one of the reasons why I love running- because it becomes a spiritual experience for me! I rely so much on the Lord to get me through a long run that I really do feel so close to Him and thankful that He helped me. For instance, there were literally times I tried to slow down and my body just kept carrying me at the same pace. I truly believe it was God carefully pushing me 🙂 What a sweet thought.

Here I am waving to my family! They were such great supporters the whole time! I really enjoyed seeing them on the course. It’s amazing how much that can encourage a tiring heart!
Here I am sprinting towards the finish line! I was running faster than I ever thought was imaginable  (at least for me)! I didn’t know my time, but I didn’t want to go over 2:20. Sure enough, that was my time 🙂 good thing I sprinted 🙂

Here are the best running supporters I could have imagined! They were so fun to run by and hear them cheering for me!

I wish I would have taken a picture of just me with my finisher’s medal, but oh well. Hopefully I’ll run enough half marathons that the effort becomes minimal. However, I would love for it to continue being a spiritual experience, so if that means running only gets harder, I’m okay with that, just as long as I continue to get closer to God 🙂

Until next time,


“I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”


Let me know your thoughts!

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