1 Year, 10 Things

Yesterday was my one-year anniversary of moving to Dallas, so here’s my Top 10 list of things I’ve learned in the last year.

10. Dallas really isn’t as scary as I thought it would be
If you knew me before I moved, I’m sure you heard me talk about how I was sure Dallas was going to be scary. Lots of people, traffic, and spaghetti bowls of intertwining interstates (shudder). But truthfully, I got really used to all those things. I suppose I had no choice in order to go through my everyday routines, but nonetheless,  the girl from a town with a population of 2,000 has managed to survive quite well in Dallas.

9. Dallas traffic really isn’t’ that bad (for the most part)
I just think of it as daily Christmas shopping traffic, which makes it more tolerable. I’ve gotten used to the feeling of cars surrounding me in every direction, and ALWAYS checking my blind spots before changing lanes. I’ve also learned to drive the speed of traffic, and thus avoid speed limit signs so I don’t cause a wreck by driving too slow.

8. The shopping alone is a fabulous reason to never leave
Multiple Super Targets, J.Crew, Vera Bradley, Anthropologie, Sephora and more, all within 3 minutes of my house. It’s amazing, but not good for my limited budget.

7. I love my town
The suburb we live in was ranked as one of the safest communities in Texas and the United States. It has a small-town feel but has everything I could need in a big city. Plus, see #6.

6. In-N-Out Burger and Corner Bakery. Enough said.
Two amazing restaurants I crave daily.

5. Weather is great (for the most part)
The humidity level is nearly perfect all the time. It’s drier than College Station, but not as dry as Lubbock. The wind doesn’t’ blow as badly as it does in the panhandle and it’s not as hot as it is in College Station.

4. My beautiful friends
I have great friends who work out with me, go to happy hour, and are about to embark on a weekly Christmas events of epic proportions! For most of my life, my friends have been those I’ve associated with through classes or work, but these ladies are truly wonderful ladies who I can call at 6:30 in the morning to let a repairman into our house 🙂

3. It’s within (relatively close) driving distance to College Station, Lubbock and Dalhart
And since family is important to Luke and me, it’s nice to be (relatively) close to everyone so either we can go visit on the weekend, or someone can come visit us!

2. Living with Luke
Luke and I spent 50% of our dating relationship away from each other, so I enjoy not having to say goodbye every night. Even though he travels a lot, saying goodbye once a month is nothing like having to say goodbye every week.

1. God is faithful to always take care of you
All my fears, concerns and hesitations of embarking in a new city are a small example of how big God is, and how faithful He is to take care of you. He led me here for a reason, and while it wasn’t ideal, He has turned my heart to actually enjoy living here while.


Let me know your thoughts!

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