15 Minutes on the Elliptical…

…is definitely not the equivalent to 15 minutes on the treadmill. But more on that later.

So today, after working 9 straight hours, I couldn’t wait to leave so I could teach my weekly fitness class. I love this time of year because the temperature gets a little cooler, the sun sets a little earlier, and with the holidays looming, everyone seems happier. I decided to have my class outside since the weather was perfect!

Since the ladies in class had a solid work out, I decided I’d stay at the gym a little longer and get in a quick workout before heading home for the evening. Since the gym I teach at has a small weight room with only two treadmills, I decided to trade my traditional cardio session of running on the treadmill for my second love, the elliptical. 

I decided to do 15 minutes of cardio, alternating between the resistance levels of 15 and 50 each minute. It actually went by really quickly and kept the workout fun! Sadly though, with my intervals, apparently 15 minutes on the elliptical was only .72 miles, whereas on the treadmill 1.5 miles. 

Either way, it was nice to switch it up. Pardon the blurry photo. I was determined to get to .75 miles.

Then I decided to work on the lat pulldown machine, doing scapular depressions and, well, lat pulldowns. Then I jumped onto my favorite hamstring curl and leg extension machines. As much as I run, I have to make sure that my legs are strong enough to carry me through. Cross training is really important when training for a race because it lowers your risk of injury.

When I got in my car after the gym, I pulled out my faithful friend – hand sanitizer, which is a MUST USE after I touch anything at the gym (or in the grocery store or in a public bathroom, and the list goes on and on). If you want to see my best impression of Howie Mandel, hide my hand sanitizer. I’ll panic.

Since the hubby was in charge of making dinner, I came home to a nice bowl of macaroni shells and cheese with grilled chicken.

And I had an apple for dessert.

While I did not have a margarita today, I did have enough candy to suffice. Sixlets are my new preference when it comes to candy… at least for this week. Who know what next week’s Halloween candy will bring! I’ll take a picture of the Sixlets tomorrow if there are any left 🙂

Here’s tonight’s elliptical workout stats
Distance: .75  miles
Time: 15:28 (yes, I went the additional 28 seconds to stop at a perfect .75 miles)

Playlist (again, my iPod was on shuffle, so enjoy, don’t judge, the variety)
Table for Two – Caedmon’s Call
Fireflies – Owl City
Stronger – Kanye West
Made to Love – TobyMac
(I had to skip TWO Christmas songs since I’m not allowing myself to embrace the Christmas season yet… I’m sure I’ll post mnore about this later)
5:19 – Matt Wertz
Around My Head – Cage the Elephant
You and Your Heart – Jack Johnson
I Will Lift My Eyes – Bebo Norman
Run Every Time – Gavin DeGraw


Let me know your thoughts!

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