Mission: Run 13 Miles (Failed)

I declared Saturday morning “Mission: Run 13 miles”. I was so determined to run 13 miles that at dinner on Friday night, I carb loaded without mercy. We went to Macaroni Grill, so the carbs started with a complimentary loaf of bread. 

Oh yeah, and a free sample of wine. 

Don’t worry, I ate most of that loaf, plus most of another. And I still had room to eat half my pepperoni pizza. Why not? I was going to run it off the next day, right?

Come Saturday morning, I was so excited to run that I woke up before my alarm clock! Since we were experiencing a cold front, and I wasn’t really in the mood to run outside (although I love running certain distances in the cold) I decided to go to the gym so I could control my environment a little better. 

Carb loading totally worked. I had a ton of energy, I felt great, and I knew I could make it the whole 13 miles. But there was one problem. I was totally bored and couldn’t get into the run. In my experience, I either have to run mindlessly (where I don’t really think about anything, I just zone out and go) or I have to focus on something and forget that I’m running (listen to music, watch TV, watch someone in the gym, etc.) but on Saturday, there was hardly anyone in the gym, there wasn’t anything good on TV, and my music wasn’t very motivating. So I couldn’t really get into the grove. I tried switching it up by running intervals and varying my incline, but that didn’t really help either. So I stopped at 7 miles.

Ultimately, I’m sure I didn’t even burn half the calories I was so eager to eat on Friday night, but it’s okay. I’m having a second go at my mission today 🙂 

I feel like this run is destined to go better than Saturday because “The Voice” is on NBC tonight, so I’ll be captivated by that for a while 🙂


Let me know your thoughts!

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