Running Through an Injury

At least I think I’m injured. It sounds legit, doesn’t it? 

On Saturday morning, my husband, Luke, and I decided to go for a quick two-mile run before we sat on the couch watching football and indulging in pizza the rest of the day. But about .75 miles into the run, I had to suddenly stop because of the sharp pain I felt in my Achilles tendon every time I took a step on my left leg.

I tried stretching it and running slower, but NOTHING I did would help it. We would walk for a couple minutes, but the moment we got back to running the pain was back. I tried changing my stride and the way my foot strikes the ground, but nothing gave me relief. We had to walk almost the rest of the way home.

Side note: I hate when I have to stop running while cars are around witnessing my suffering. I can just imagine them in their cars laughing and saying while pointing, “Ha! Look at that pathetic girl trying to run!” which makes me want to wear a shirt that says, “No really, I can run 13 miles!”

Anyway, yesterday evening, Luke and I went on a walk around the neighborhood and my foot felt fine then, but I’m reminded that it hurts every time I do something out of the ordinary. I’m not sure what today’s workout will consist of. I want to run, but I’ll definitely take it easy. Maybe after the treadmill, I can get my groove on on the elliptical, then maybe finish off on the stationary bike.

I know one thing, I’m much too young to feel this damn old.

Thanks, Garth Brooks for the motivation. And I don’t really feel old, I just hurt sometimes.


Let me know your thoughts!

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