I Ran! I Actually Ran!

That’s right, I ran today. After eating like crap and hardly getting exercise, I was really happy to see how well it went too! But let me recap the last few days with some pictures.

After my last post, I did, in fact, go to the gym. I tried slow-playing my exercise on the elliptical with a goal of easy cardio for 30 minutes. After training for a half marathon, I thought, “30 minutes should be easy! That’s normally a warm up for me.” Yeah, my obnoxious ego definitely got a rude awakening. 

Like clockwork, as soon as the elliptical read that I’d been on for 15 minutes, I noticed that the clock started to get further and further and further away from me. It’s scary that it took me so long to realize I was falling! I grabbed the sides of the elliptical to balance myself, then realized how dizzy I was. It hit me so quickly! Luke, my husband, told me that it was because my lungs still aren’t getting enough oxygen to my brain, which was even scarier!

So after I got home, I decided to be Susie Homemaker. Here’s where the blog finally gets colorful—with pictures.

My husband really likes my Banana Bread, so I thought I would spoil him by making one of his favorite treats, while watching one of my favorite treats, The Voice. (Is anyone else happy that Christina Aguilera (or “Team X-Tina”—psh.) got eliminated?)

 And actually, I really made the bread for my husband for fear that he would eat the rest of my beautiful Cinnamon Pumpkin bread, which is the darker bread wrapped in saran wrap in the above picture. My plan worked. 

The next day, being the heath-nuts we are (actually, we should call ourselves “health-nots,” but whatever.), Luke decided that we should eat one of the half-pound Reese’s Peanut Butter cups my mom gave me. Please don’t scroll too quickly, or else you might miss the sweetness of the following pictures.

Finally, they are revealed.

Don’t worry, I only ate half. Luke ate the other half.

Then, I decided to make cake balls.

So yes, my dinner that night was the half Reese’s and scraps of cake and icing from the cake balls.

See why I need to run? My body will look like the Michelin Man soon.

Anyway, back to my run.

The only goal I had in mind was to run 1 mile at an easy pace. So I hopped on the treadmill, walked for 1 minute, then started running. I ran about a half mile before I decided to go for two miles, but still, did NOT want to push myself. 

I finished the mile, then walked .22 miles before I started the second mile. After the second mile, I kept walking until I completed 30 minutes/ Both miles were fairly easy, but problem because I ran at a slower pace, and walked quite a bit between miles. Still, it was MUCH more successful than almost passing out after 20 minutes on the elliptical.

Hopefully I can go a little further next time I try to run! I can tell my lungs still aren’t back to normal, but hopefully by Christmas, I’ll be back to averaging 20 miles a week (which, at this pace, I’ll need 10 days in a week.)

Have you ever had pneumonia? How did you get back into exercising?

Have you experienced another sickness or inhury that has postponed your training for a significant period of time?

Did I eat too much sugar for dinner that night?
– I’ll say no, because I’ve never said the words, “that’s too much sugar” or “that’s too sweet.”


Let me know your thoughts!

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