Weekend Recap

I gladly welcomed the weekend at 5pm on Friday! Not that the week was bad, I’m just always ready for the weekend (but then again, aren’t most people?)!

My husband and I hit the gym as soon as we got home from work because we needed to get a quick run in before hanging out with our friends that night.

By the way, I’m totally obsessed with this song!

If you haven’t heard it, look it up immediately! But get ready to dance around the room! It’s a blast!

After the gym (and a shower of course) I went to a dear friend’s house for our weekly Christmas party. What’s a better way to say “’Tis the Season” than with friends drinking margaritas watching SNL Christmas compilations?

I would have taken pictures, but no one else wanted me to because we all looked exhausted and were in our pajamas. Anyway, we had a blast! Hopefully they’ll let me take pictures when I host at my house this coming Friday!

Saturday morning came and my husband and I were both craving eggs for breakfast. I took my Christmas cheer one step further and had a Little Debbie’s Christmas Tree cake, which has always been one of the most exciting and delicious parts of the Christmas season – the return of the Christmas Tree Debbie cake. It’s definitely been a staple since before I can remember.

And yes, that is salsa on my eggs. I live in Texas, what else do you expect? Many of my friends have always put salsa on their eggs, and I decided to try it for the first time on Saturday. I’m definitely on the bandwagon, given that it’s quality salsa.

After my perfect breakfast, I decided to (attempt to) finish my Christmas shopping. I only had a few more gifts to buy, but perhaps more importantly than buying for other people, I needed to go boot shopping so Luke (the hubs) would know EXACTLY what to buy me. And I was BEYOND successful! More to come on that later. It definitely deserves its own post. It’s epic.

I’m still working on one more Christmas present, but then I’ll be finished and will embark on the joy of wrapping all the fabulous and thoughtful (well, most of them) presents.

The highlight of Saturday night was watching history being made.

I’ve been a lifelong fan of Texas A&M. My dad, two uncles, my sister, my husband and I all graduated from Texas A&M, and my brother will follow in our steps in a few years. So this year, Texas A&M had a very successful season, which was unexpected by most people since it was our first year in the SEC, with a new coach and new coaching staff, and a redshirt freshman at quarterback.

I could go on and on and on, but for the sake of your time, our quarterback won the Heisman Trophy! Not only was he the second Aggie to ever win the Heisman, but he was the first-ever freshman to win. I’m so proud of Johnny Manziel (aka Johnny Football, Scooby Doo, Johnny Heisman and JFF) for the way he conducted himself on and off the football field this year, and especially for the beautiful speech he made as he accepted the award. He is/was a great representative of the heart of Texas A&M and the values on which it was built. I’m getting mushy, but it was a great evening!

And with such a special evening, came good reason to celebrate with a Butterfinger Blizzard!

Sunday, we decided to do a rerun of breakfast, except I ran out of Christmas Tree Debbie Cakes (I know, I want to cry too) so I replaced it with a yummy and warm rasin bagel with peanut butter and cinnamon! And of course an apple. I love apples! I get sad when a day goes by and I don’t have an apple!

So today was supposed to be my much-anticipated half-marathon, and I won’t talk again about why I couldn’t run it (but if you want to read it, click here). So a few weeks ago, rather than wallowing in my mourning and cursing those who could run, I set a goal of running 5 miles, which is my favorite distance. So I was determined to run 5 miles today! It wasn’t as easy as it had been before pneumonia, and it wasn’t as fast as it could have been, but darn it, I did it! I can still tell I’m not completely over pneumonia. I get very winded when I do simple tasks, like wash my hair, so I’m just happy to run, even though I walk between every mile.

For dinner, I had the most amazing soup! Well, it’s at least in my top 5 favorite soups, and it was the first time I’ve ever made soup on my own.

Looks delish, doesn’t it? And it’s perfect because it’s starting to get cooler in Dallas! We even have the possibility of snow through the night! I doubt it can happen, but I can hope!! I may even have to dig out close-toed shoes for work tomorrow!

After a yummy and warm dinner, I settled in on the couch and watched a couple episodes of one of my all-time favorite shows, 24.

To make the episodes even better, I could see our lovely Christmas tree in the background. So delish dinner + 24 + Christmas tree = one happy Kristen!

Here’s to this week being a great week! Be sure you spread some holiday cheer to somebody who needs it! You never know when you’ll make an impact in someone’s life!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?
What’s your favorite breakfast?
What was the highlight of your weekend?


Let me know your thoughts!

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