Christmas Eve Eve Run and Festivities

I actually met my goal of running 5 miles yesterday! I ran it in 53 minutes, so a little slower than what I hoped, but I think running hills that I’m not used to, or in uneven fields when there was no asphalt or concrete, it slowed me down a bit.

So one of my biggest…concerns… about running (or even walking, for that matter) is that a bird is going to poop in my hair. Well, I thought it happened during my run yesterday. I was running under the clear, blue sky – I wasn’t under a tree or anything. Then I felt something light hit my head. Of course, my first thought was that it was a bird, but I didn’t have anyone around to ask! So, thanks to my super-nifty iPhone 4s, I took a picture of myself to check.

Thankfully, it was nothing. So I continued on 🙂

After my run, I ate a salad and watched Billy Madison, one of the funniest and most quotable movies ever.

Then I decided to make my Grandma’s famous chocolate cake for my hubb’s (my new blog name for my husband) family’s Christmas dinner (Christmas 1 of 2).

And of course, I unashamedly licked the batter and icing bowl clean. Although I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.

In order to make this blog slightly more confusing, before we went to the Hubb’s family’s Christmas, we decided to open Christmas presents with his immediate family first.

We all knew that his parents are taking us to Disney World next week as our Christmas presents, but they hadn’t told his two nieces yet (7 and 10 years old). So his mom created a game out of all their presents to where they would eventually figure out they were going to Disney World.
We had all talked about and imagined how their sweet little faces would look when they found out they were going to Disney World…

They started crying. Not happy crying or sad crying. But overwhelmed, scared, didn’t-know-what-to-think crying. Not really the reaction we expected. But after talking to them about all the super-fun things we were going to do, they slowly began to get more excited.

As a matter of fact, they had Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes for breakfast this morning, so I think they’re excited.

And of course, I ended the night by drinking a bottle of wine by the Christmas tree.

Anyway, my goal for today was to run three miles. And I’m not sure that’s going to happen. It’s cold outside and I didn’t bring my running pants. Plus, my throat is getting sore. I hope I’m not getting sick. If I don’t run today, I’ll run tomorrow morning before we open presents… at least that’s the plan.

How are you going with your holiday goals?
Do the kids you know cry when they’re surprised or overwhelmed?
Do you plan on working out on Christmas Day?


Let me know your thoughts!

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