2012 Recap

2012 started with one of the most important events of my life. On January 14, I married my best friend. We had dated for just over 5.5 years and knew that we were supposed to be together from day one. Sometimes we needed reminders (kidding…kinda) but finally getting married felt like everything was as it’s supposed to be.

We went on an amazing two-week honeymoon. We went on a 7-day cruise out of Miami to the Bahamas, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and Grand Turk. Then we stayed in Miami for a few extra days.

Coming home to the same place for the first time as husband and wife was very surreal. Cooking for two, planning meals, packing lunches, coordinating schedules, learning how the other preferred their laundry folded, it all was all new, and a learning opportunity for us.

On our honeymoon, I felt a strong calling to become a personal trainer. Fitness has become a passion of mine within the last couple of years, and I felt the Lord calling me to help others make healthier choices for themselves and their families, and help them set up for a better future. So in March, I became a certified personal trainer and began working with clients on a fitness plan to set them up for success in their personal lives. Then an opportunity arose for me to teach a fitness class at a local recreational center in town, so in July, I became a certified group fitness instructor, so I could teach multiple people how to properly exercise, along with how to make healthier choices in their lives altogether.

In May, tragedy hit one of my dear friends in a way that no one could imagine. It was tough for all involved, but watching my friend hurt and knowing that nothing in this world could ease her pain, really made me realize how much I need the Lord’s strength and love. But not only do we need it during the hard times, we need to truly live by it each day.

In June, my brother and I attended the Coldplay concert, which was the most amazing concert I could ever imagine. Coldplay is one of our favorite bands, so that alone made it a great concert, but personally, after going through such a tough time in May, I treasured my experience with my brother more than I could have imagined.

When football season began, I was in the majority that thought it would take Texas A&M several years to win in the SEC. With a whole new coaching staff and a new conference, I thought it would be like a financial investment – risky, but worth it in a few years. Boy, was I wrong. The Aggies went 10-2, only losing to Florida (the first game of the season) and LSU who was ranked #6 in the nation when we played them. We even went on to beat #1 Alabama in Tuscaloosa! And of course, our redshirt freshman quarterback made history when he won the Heisman trophy.

The weekend of the Alabama game, I began to feel extremely ill and was later was diagnosed with pneumonia. Because of my unfortunate diagnosis, I had to skip out on three races I was scheduled to run: the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, the Rudolph Run on Dec. 1, and the BCS Half Marathon.

As I write this with only one day left of 2012, I’m thankful for everything that happened this year. It definitely had its ups and downs, but I learned the importance of following the Lord’s plan for your life, and how great life is when you trust Him. I learned how to eagerly seek the Lord’s love not only through the hard times, but each day.

I hope that 2013 is as wonderful as 2012 has been. I pray that the Lord continues to work in me and my spiritual life to bring me closer to Him, and hopefully, bring others closer to Him through me.


Let me know your thoughts!

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