Half Marathon Shopping!

Since one of my 2013 Goals is to run at least three half marathons this year, I’ve decided to start looking around for some of the best HMs within driving distance! There’s a “Four Seasons Challenge” with some of the half marathons in the Dallas area, that if you complete the designated half marathon in each consecutive season, they give you a Four Seasons medal! 5 medals for the price of 4! I’m all for a deal!

These are the HMs that are part of the “Four Seasons Challenge”:

Texas Half – 2/3/13

Big D – 4/14/13

Hottest Half – 8/11/13

Tyler Rose – 10/13/13

I’m dreading the Hottest Half the most. Summer in Dallas is HOT, so I’m afraid the title says it all! And unfortunately I’ll be out of town for the Texas Half, so if I do the Challenge, I’ll have to run that one in 2014. So m y goal is to start with the Big D, then the Hottest Half, then the Tyler Rose and finishing the Challenge with the Texas Half in 2014.

Otherwise, the other prospective HMs are: 
Rock ‘N’ Roll Dallas – March 24

Heels and Hills – May 5

Wounded Warrior – June 9

Panhandle Marathon – September 29

The Showdown Half Marathon – October 12

Fort Worth Half Marathon – November

Plano Balloon Festival – September

New Year’s Double – December 31  (this one is really cool because they have a HM on New Years Eve, then another on New Years Day! So participants can run one or both! Maybe someday…)

It was raining most of the day here, so rather than going to the gym for a run, I decided to break out my Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown!

I forgot how hard that DVD is! And I only did level 1!

So I realize how crappy the lighting is in this picture, but let’s be honest, who looks cute working out? Except for Hungry Runner Girl, PB Fingers and 50 by 25?

Tomorrow I’ll give an update on my Disney Detox!

What races are you running this year?
Have you ever run a half in each season?
What’s your favorite workout DVD?


Let me know your thoughts!

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