No More Debbie Downer!

After my Debbie-downer post on Sunday, I decided I needed a good run that got me reinvigorated, at least in my running game. And I’ve had three awesome runs in a row! Here’s the breakdown:

Sunday: So I went to the gym Sunday afternoon and had a kick-ass 6 mile run. My goal was to run 5 miles, but I felt so good halfway through the run, that I decided to go 6 miles! Which, let me tell you, was a dream come true after such a long recovering from having pneumonia!

Monday:  Since Sunday’s workout was so good, I couldn’t wait to get back on the treadmill! But since it was Bachelor night, and I had a yummy slow-cooker dinner that was almost ready, I decided to just do a 3-mile speed workout (at least my version). It was super fun! I love running hard (at least in short increments – ha!)! I wish I would have written down exactly what I did. I know I started at 5.8 and increased by .1 each mile, but on the last mile, I was all over the place, increasing and decreasing my speed every .20 miles. I’ll try to get better about documenting 🙂

Tuesday: Since Monday’s speed work out was so fun, I decided to have another go at it! I started at 6.0 (so .2 faster than Monday) and increased my speed from there. It was a blast! I can’t wait to do it again tonight – ha!

Wednesday (Today):  Since I teach fitness classes on Wednesday nights, I’ll get in a moderate cross-training workout during class (in a setting like I’m in, I can’t do the entire workout like the rest of the class. I demonstrate it a few times, then walk around as they complete the exercises). But after class, I plan on hitting the treadmill again for the last speed workout of the week! Hopefully I can beat my time from yesterday! I’ll keep you posted!

Thursday (Tomorrow): I’m taking the day off of running to get my nails done! Tough life, I know! But I’m going out of town this weekend to surprise one of my dear friends at her birthday party, so I want to look my best! Plus, after four consecutive days of running, my body will enjoy the break 🙂

Friday: My plan is run 6 miles again (but it would be awesome if I could do 7)! I need another long run before I got out of town for the weekend and will be unable to run Saturday and Sunday. Besides, let’s be honest, I’ll stay true to my name by drinking plenty of alcohol this weekend, so I need to burn off the calories beforehand! That’s how it works, right? Seems like it to me 🙂

Check back later this week for my January Half-Marathon running plan!

How have your workouts been going so far this week?
What is your favorite speed workout?
How far is/was  your “long run” this week?
   – mine is 6 miles, but maybe 7, if I’m lucky!


Let me know your thoughts!

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