Nails Day!

So yesterday, I mentioned that I was taking a rest day from running to get my nails done for my friend’s birthday party this weekend! Here’s proof that I got my nails done.

One of my dear friends and I needed a break from the stresses of this world to pamper ourselves and get our nails done. We really should do that more often!

We even had a margarita while we were there! Who am I kidding? That’s why we get our nails done there… for the free drinks.

After we were finished with our nails, we decided to grab dinner at the fabulous Torchy’s Tacos!

But don’t worry, I called beforehand to ensure they sold margaritas. If they hadn’t, you better believe we would have gone somewhere else. So we had another margarita over dinner.

Tomorrow, though, I’m back at running. I need to run 6 miles in order to stay on my half-marathon training plan. But hopefully I can run 7 miles. That would be awesome.

Besides getting my nails done and drinking a free margarita at the nail salon, the most exciting thing that happened today was when I saw that one of my new followers listed my blog on her “Blogs I Love” list… I love her already! I can’t wait to tweet with her more often!

Did you work out today?

What color are your nails?
-mine are currently just a shellac French tip

What was the most exciting thing that happened to you today?


One thought on “Nails Day!

  1. Melissa (Freeing Imperfections) says:

    Free margs with a manicure?! Wow, I need to find that place! I've heard of nail salons that let you bring your own alcohol, but never offer it to you. That's awesome!

    Currently, my nails are black with silver sparkles. I didn't work out yet today, but I'm planning on a run, if I can convince myself to get over the cold!


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