Choosing to Eat Healthy: Tator Tots

I’m not like a lot of people who have always eaten healthy, and choose steamed veggies over fries. I’m actually the exact opposite. I love love LOVE sugar and fried foods, so when I go out to eat, or when I have a craving for something deliciously greasy, it’s hard for me to look past the side of French fries. Or in my case today, the tator tots as a snack.

On my way to sonic for my daily Diet Coke, I decided that their tator tots sounded soo delicious! I started looking through my book of Sonic coupons (I’m lame and I’m cheap. No shame.) to see if I had one for a free or discounted order of tots. Sadly, I did not. The pull of the tots kept drawing me in closer and closer, tempting me more and more.

Let me pause the story there.

When I came back from Disney World, I talked about how I gained 4 pounds in 4 days! I was so far out of my eating habits that I reverted back to my unhealthy, high school self, and unfortunately, could tell a difference on the scale. I did my “Disney Detox” the following week (I’m sure I’ll post more details on what that is at a later point), and got my weight down to what it was by Wednesday that week. I got super-fast results, that went away super fast.

The problem with my detox was that it was so extreme, that after I reached my goal, I slowly started slipping into my bad habits again. Snacking, eating portion sizes too big then going back for seconds, etc. The weight came back on really quickly and depressed me greatly!

I’ve talked about the emotional funk I’ve been in lately, and seeing the difference on the scale brought my funk back. 

Well this week is no exception. After a fun weekend celebrating my friend’s birthday, which of course included going out to eat for lunch and dinner, plus two margaritas, and snacking while staying at my parents’ house, I was further in my bad, negative attitude than I have been in YEARS! I contemplated doing my detox again, but knowing how fast the weight came back on as soon as I stopped last time, I decided I needed to make a REAL change that lasted longer than 4 days!

I’m making a long story short. It wasn’t that easy by ANY means.

So let me resume my tale of the tator tots.

I tried to justify eating tots because I’m going to teach my fitness class tonight, then run afterwards. But I knew that I would regret eating the tots, especially considering I wasn’t even hungry, it just sounded good. Plus the fact that I’ve been hard on myself and my weight lately. So I decided to compromise with myself. I could have one of my favorite delicious, nutritious meals from Jason’s Deli, along with the strawberries (my absolute favorite fruit) in my refrigerator if I completed my workout AND skipped the tots.

So, that’s what I did. I’m getting to eat my favorite healthy meal with my favorite fruit, plus I get to work out.

I realize this isn’t a breakthrough for a lot of people, but seriously, I’ve really be struggling with my meal choices lately, so this is a huge first step, even though it’s just a little victory in the grand scheme of things.

I’m going to Washington, DC tomorrow and will stay there for a few days. So again, I’m worried about my food options. I’m a big believer in “enjoying the finer things in life” and “you only live once, might as well do it right!” or enjoying eating new things at different restaurants, etc. but I’m worried I’ll get carried away. I can’t afford to gain a pound a day like I did in Orlando! So hopefully this little victory sets me up for even more little victories throughout my trip. Hopefully I can update you on my blog throughout my trip, but if not, follow me on twitter @margrunner and follow my trip, my eating choices, and my ventures on there!

How do you talk yourself out of an unhealthy craving?
What is your favorite healthy meal?
How do you choose healthy meals when dining out at restaurants?


Let me know your thoughts!

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