How I’m Getting Back Into Running

Hello again! Yesterday, I explained why I’ve taken a little break from running. Thankfully, I’m working my way back into it, but it definitely is a process.

A few months ago, I designed an 8-week walk to run program for some of my clients. They loved it and talked about what a great program it was. So when I decided to get back int running, I decided to test out the walk to run program myself.

The program consists of walking and running intervals, and as the runner progresses through the plan, the running segments get longer as the walking segments get shorter, eventually running for a full 40 minutes without stopping. The program was originally designed for a runner who wanted to be able to complete a 5k without walking, which is where the 40 minutes comes in, however, one can alter is based on whatever they’re running for. By the end of it, I hope to be close to running 13 miles again, which will take much longer than 40 minutes 😉

Like many runners, I could definitely tell the difference in my body after I stopped running. I actually enjoyed the break at first (because with everything going on, running just seemed like a task rather than a source of relaxation), but after about two weeks, I could tell a drastic difference in my eating habits. Then came the difference in my emotions. Then came the difference in my clothes. Then when I really began to SEE the difference of my lack of exercise, I decided to slowly start back up again.

The first few times were really hard because I didn’t want to admit that I had regressed as much as I had. It took me about a month of inconsistent running to step up to the plate, and accept the tough challenge of starting over again.

It definitely is difficult, but I know it will pay off. I’ll just need y’all to remind me ever once in a while 🙂

Talk to you again soon!



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