“This is Why You’re Fat”

Finally someone told me the truth. Well, not really. But kinda. Jackie Warner (who is my new best friend, we’ve just never met, so she’s not yet aware that we’re besties) wrote the fantastic book, “This is Why You’re fat (And How to Get Thin Forever)” which has changed the way I look at food. I’m a few days into her fitness and nutrition plan and I feel like a changed woman.

The Recap:
She goes in-depth about balancing your body’s hormones by explaining what each hormone does and why it’s important to have more or less of it. Then she explains what foods help and hurt your hormones. For example, eating meat, fish, fruits and veggies help your hormones, while sugar tortures your body.

Although the most heartbreaking part of the book is when she said margaritas (among others) are “the worst of the worst drinks” because of the sugar. Yeah, I’m still crying over that one a little bit.

Her suggestion though: “eat like a cave woman.” Eat clean. Things that are natural help your body. Things that are processed, contain sodium, sugar and other “poisons” are a big reason why your hormones get out of whack, which can leave you feeling sleepy, sluggish, bloated, lazy, angry, sad, super-hyper and unable to focus, etc. in a jiffy.

So This is How It’s Effected Me:

In the few days I’ve followed her directions (aligned VERY clearly in the book) I’ve noticed I haven’t been on an emotional roller coaster. I haven’t been tired during the time of day I’m normally tired, I’m not overeating due to too long of a lag between meals, I’m not eating mindlessly (how could I? I took an hour and a half to prepare my meals for the week). I have a lot more self-control now, both in my emotions and in my cravings.

For example, The Hubs’ (aka my husband) birthday was this past weekend, so we still have lingering sweets around the house (peanut butter cookies, a sugar cookie cake, ice cream, etc.) and yesterday when I came home from work, I saw the items lying on the counter and thought they looked delicious (as I reminisced about delighting in them over the weekend), but didn’t think twice about turning them away. As a matter of fact, before I read the book I would have either:

A) Eaten them until they were gone so they didn’t stare at me any longer
B) Thrown them away, then regretted it, as I didn’t partake in step A
C) Started chewing gum like a mad woman trying to keep my jaw busy while reminding myself that I can’t ruin a perfectly good piece of gum, until the craving had passed

But last night was a feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time. The thought of, “yeah it looks good and sounds good, but I really don’t want to hurt the progress I’ve made so far.” Then I walked away and watched Real Housewives of Orange County like any respectable woman does.

I’ve always said that I never realize how good I feel until I eat or drink something unhealthy, and I feel bloated, lazy and gross. So this time around, I’m going to be more conscious about recognizing how good I feel when I eat clean, as opposed to not thinking of it until I eat something gross, then it’s too late.

I highly recommend the book, even if you aren’t looking to lose weight. I think it’s great to know how your body operates, so you can give it the proper fuel it needs!

Thanks Jackie! I’ll be referring to this for many years to come!


Let me know your thoughts!

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