For Lent

Each year I try to give something up for Lent. I like to challenge myself each year by giving up something that is an important part of my lifestyle in order to learn to rely on God’s strength to help me through the withdrawal pains.

Two years ago I gave up Diet Coke for 40 days and I was so thrilled on day 41 that I wanted to cry.

This is when I reunited with my long lost friend.

This year I’m giving up gluten. Yeah, so basically everything. This is definitely a big step for me, especially because I heavily rely on grains and peanut butter to provide enough carbs and energy for my long runs while I’m training for my half marathon, but I’m blessed to be working with a health coach, Terri who is helping me work through all the changes.

I’ve been researching diet and nutrition for MSers like myself and came across several sources talking about everybody should avoid gluten because it can cause “leaky gut” and other issues, especially in those with autoimmune diseases because the majority of your immune system is in your gut, so to have a leaky gut can cause major problems.

I reached out to my fellow Sweat Pink ambassador friends asking about their experience with being gluten free, and that’s how I came across Terri!

Terri is a rockstar who has an awesome program called Radiate which gives the participant daily meal plans, shopping lists, one-on-one support, group support and other tools to help transform your life in 28 days. With Terri’s help (and the Lord’s strength) I know I can be gluten-free for the Lenten season. 


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