My Ultimate Goal

My ultimate goal is to always be in a position to help someone. I want my life to have meaning by helping others realize that their lives have meaning. My heart and soul is wrapped into helping people and contributing to benefitting other’s lives!

When I was about twelve year old I had this vision of having a one-stop health shop  where people could come and get a personalized diet plan (like Jenny Craig) but also attend a support group meeting (like Weight Watchers) and would also be able to exercise comfortably in a safe environment (like Curves) with personal trainers available to make personalized exercise plans.

It’s interesting that I had this idea at such a young age because I did NOT grow up making healthy lifestyle choices, which is why I was aware of these businesses and how they operated. I knew they all worked, albeit temporarily for most people, but I had personally seen and experienced success and failure with each of these companies and knew they weren’t perfect because they were only one piece of the puzzle.

I thought about this vision a few days ago as I started brainstorming about how I want to help others live a healthier lifestyle. When I first received my personal training certification I had the idea to build a gym that offered a safe and clean environment where clients could have one-on-one meetings with nutritionists and personal trainers. Clients could attend group support meetings offered daily and attend group fitness classes to build relationships and motivation. It’s literally the three companies listed above, but it’s all under one roof. 

No longer would these clients have to decide which health aspect to focus on (choosing either fitness, nutrition, or losing weight) as they all go hand in hand! The gym could teach clients to wholly and fully make healthy choices for themselves and their families! 

I’m in the process of researching health coach certifications, so please pass along any recommendations! I’d also love to talk to a financial backer who could make this dream-gym come true!


Let me know your thoughts!

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