Freaking. Out.

Oh my goodness, I’m having to catch my breath in order to even write this!



So my favorite blogger in the whole, whole world just emailed me! I’m still freaking out!

Here’s the whole story:

A few days ago Janae posted that she wanted to have a finish line photo contest where her readers could submit their favorite finish line photos and give a little story about why it was so special. Of course I had to submit my finish line picture with my dad, which is what made the RNR Dallas so special!

This is what I wrote to Janae when I submitted the photo:

Hey Janae!

I’m so excited you’re doing this because I have a fantastic finish line story to share!

On March 23, 2014 my dad ran his first half marathon and I was blessed to have run every step right next to him. My dad was with me when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis only 6 months prior. I’ll never forget that in the doctor’s office right after being told I had MS and all the physical and mental ways it would likely affect me, my dad told the doctor through a cracking voice and tears in his eyes, “We’re supposed to run a half marathon in March and we’re GOING to run that half marathon.” And we did 🙂 We ran every step together. It was incredibly special and one of the best days of my life!

Thanks for the opportunity to share my story!


I was tearing up when my dad said it, I was tearing up when I wrote it, and I’ve teared up several times in between. So you can imagine my reaction when I opened my email to see that Janae wrote me back!

As much as my family and friends have supported me during my training and racing, Janae has encouraged me through her blog. She has helped me to set bigger goals, run faster, and see life with a more positive light. She’s my hero for many, many, many reasons. I like to read her blog while I wait in the doctors’ offices. Her positive attitude, funny stories and running adventures helps keep me from being anxious about what the doctors will say. She’s a break from the sometimes hard reality, and I absolutely adore her!

I’m just so excited, honored and humbled that she took the time to respond! If you aren’t freaking out as much as I am right now, you have NO idea what a HUGE inspiration Janae is to runners everywhere! 


So be sure you check out her blog HERE and VOTE for #8!

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