It’s an honor just to be nominated!

The blogging world has introduced me to some awesome people who have become great friends! Two of my new virtual friends have nominated me for a Liebster Award! 

Here’s how the award works: 
The Liebster Award is an online award giving by bloggers who generally have a small following of readers. The rules are:

1. You must answer the 10 Liebster questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you
2. You must pick 10 bloggers with a small following to be nominated for the award
3. You must create 10 questions for the nominees to answer on their blog
4. Then link back to the person who nominated you
5.  And then go to each new nominees’ blog and notify them of the nomination!

I was nominated by 26.2×2 and Chocolate Runner Girl (you’ll meet both ladies again in a few weeks!)  and they both wrote GREAT questions, so here are 5 of each of their questions:

From 26.2×2

1. What is your preferred sport and why do you love it so much?
I love, love, love running! It has changed my life drastically. I went from being overweight and sluggish to fit and energetic and I credit a lot of my progress to running! I could talk for days on why I love running and all the lessons it’s taught me!

2. How long have you been pursuing a healthy lifestyle?
I’m about to hit my 4-year mark! Running inspired my entire lifestyle change and I started running a couple weeks before my college graduation.

3. Finish this sentence: when I’m not running/working out, I’m…
Thinking about running, reading running blogs or planning out my running plan for the rest of the month! I seriously love running.

4. What was the last great book you read?
The Great Gatsby! 

5. What’s your favorite non-healthy food?
I LOVE margaritas and candy! A frozen strawberry margarita can make any day a great day, especially when it’s coupled with great company! Then around Valentine’s Day and Easter Reese’s brings out their peanut butter hearts and eggs… mmmmm…. delish! Yesterday I actually found the last two the grocery store had (yes, it’s May. Kind of gross, but I don’t care)!

From Chocolate Runner Girl:

1.  If you had $1,000 to spend on fitness related items/races, what would you choose?
I would buy new shirts and running shorts (those babies are expensive!) 

2. What is one food you never thought you would like but now do?
Salad! I scoffed at salads until two years ago, then I had to choke it down or cover it in dressing or chicken to cover the taste. But now my tastebuds have adjusted and I love plain salad! I could eat it for every meal and be totally happy! Jason’s Deli’s Nutty Mixed Up Salad is my absolute FAVORITE!

3. What would your perfect home-gym look like?
I’m pretty simple when it comes to equipment. My home-gym would have this treadmill, basic dumbbells, resistance bands, but most importantly it would be self-cleaning and wouldn’t ever stink!

4. What has been your proudest moment thus far in life?
Marrying my best friend 🙂 He’s such a catch that I’m not sure how I got him, but I won’t let him go!

5. What is your favorite vacation spot?
That’s a toss up between Vermont and Kauai, Hawaii. They’re both low-key and beautiful. Vermont is located within driving distance of a lot of other beautiful areas and Kauai is as close to heaven as we’ll ever see on earth– and they have sea turtles!

That’s enough about me! Here are my nominees:
LoraDaily Southern Sunshine
BethMiles and Trials
RachelRunning Rachel
RebeccaFlex and Shout Fitness
AngelaOn Fire Fitness Healthy Living
JillLive, Love, Run
JessicaFierce in the City
EarlEarl-Leigh Designs
Michelle @ OneMoreMile

And my questions for you are:

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world for free, where would it be?
2. What race or fitness challenge is at the top of your bucket list?
3. What is the best race or fitness challenge you’ve done?
4. What is your favorite junk food?
5. What are your hobbies outside of work and blogging?
6. Do you prefer to work out in the morning or evening?
7. What is your biggest piece of race/competition advice?
8. What’s the first thing you check on your phone every morning?
9. What’s the last thing you check on your phone every night?
10. What song gets you excited to take on the next race/fitness challenge?

Let’s talk it over!
 – What are your answers to some of the above questions?
 – What small, undiscovered blog should I be reading?


20 thoughts on “It’s an honor just to be nominated!

  1. Esther McNary says:

    Those are awesome answers!! I love the idea of a self-cleaning and non-stinky workout room! Would that not be the best! 🙂
    I am the same way about salads! From when I was a kid till I was about 20 I HATED lettuce…or at least I thought I did. My version of a salad would be 1 lettuce leaf and a lot of toppings…mostly croutons 😉
    I am so thankful that I have changed to loving salads and getting creative with what I put on them! That salad from Jason's Deli looks pretty good. I usually just get the salad bar to go, but now I am inspired to try some different options 🙂


  2. Faith and Margaritas says:

    Haha, I know exactly what you mean with the salad! Back in the day my ideal salad would have been just like yours but with lots of ranch and the lettuce leaf on the side so it didn't ruin the crouton, haha! Now I have a salad every day for lunch! It's wonderful how our tastebuds change!


  3. 262x2 says:

    You sound like my blogging twin, haha. Only you've been lucky enough to go to Hawaii, and I haven't. Great Gatsby is one of my all-time favorite books. And when I'M not running, I'm thinking about running, running blogs, etc…


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