How Fitness Can Be Worship

I’m part of a fantastic group of fitness bloggers who also openly blog about their faith, and every month we have a blog symposium topic that we all write from our faith and fitness-based perspectives! Our topic this month is: How fitness and worship to work together to glorify God!

Anything can be an act of worship! Even chores such as dishes and laundry can be worship. You don’t have to go to church or listen to Christian music for your heart to worship the Lord. Worship doesn’t depend on your physical location, what clothes you’re wearing, what song is playing, whether or not you like the singer. The lights don’t have to be dim and you don’t have to be standing and singing songs surrounded by others in order to worship God. 

Worship is a state of mind and state of heart! 

Worship is taking time to focus on honoring the Lord and  thanking Him for what He has blessed you with – whether that blessing is a sink full of dirty dishes or loved ones’ clothes that need to be washed. 

Therefore, you can worship anytime no matter what you’re doing! You can worship while in traffic, while cleaning your kids’ messes or while partaking in your favorite hobby.

I love to run so I often turn my runs into worship. There’s no better way to glorify God than running under the sun, feeling the wind on your face as you breath fresh air and praying, thanking the Lord for all He has blessed me with. Even when I’m on the treadmill I enjoy praying while running or listening to a Rick Warren podcast.

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Let’s talk it over:
 – What’s your favorite way to worship?
 – In what new way can you practice worship?


6 thoughts on “How Fitness Can Be Worship

  1. Coco says:

    I fully agree! My favorite ways to worship involve church services, but being outside – walking, running, hiking certainly come in close after that.


  2. Faith and Margaritas says:

    I agree! It's easy to worship when we're free from distractions in church, but I LOVE traveling to new places and exploring. Our world is incredibly beautiful that the Lord deserves so much praise! I'm excited to see what Heaven is like!


  3. Kaitie Loy says:

    My favorite way to worship has always been by singing and by leading others in praise and worship, but I am definitely going to try worship while I am training now! I have many miles ahead in the next few months, and what better way to spend them?


  4. Faith and Margaritas says:

    Hey Kaitie! When I first started running I had to pray the whole time to distract myself from the difficulty of running! Since then the running has become easier, but it's still a great time to pray because sometimes life is so busy that we're distracted and forget to pray unless we make it a habit! Best of luck on your upcoming miles! Are you training for a race?


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