injinji does no wrong!

I’ve always loved injinji socks! When I first started running I developed HORRIBLE blisters from not having decent socks. Before each run I’d have to bandage up my big and little toes on both feet to prevent blisters, no matter how long or short my runs were.

After researching running socks I decided to go to the local running store and invest in a new pair. After telling the salesman what I was looking for, he instantly got a pair of injini socks and let me try them on. They were fun. They were different. They were moisture wicking. They were perfect. They were thick enough to prevent blisters but thin enough that they weren’t annoying. In fact, I ran my first half marathon in them and had NO problems! 

Here I am after my first half marathon. You can’t see my socks, but I promise I was wearing them 🙂

Cut to a few days ago when I won a giveaway from my favorite blogger, I received a new pair if injinji socks, which reminded me of how much I loved them! I reached out to injinji and they sent me several different kinds of their socks!

I know you’re not supposed to try anything new during a race or a long run, but I love injinji products so much that I tried them out during my most recent 13-miler (actually 13.1, but who’s counting?).

I really do love injinji! I tried their new lightweight, ultra thin performance socks. 

Their 5 toe system is compiled of moisture-wicking material which keeps moisture from building in your socks making your feet sweaty, and prevents blisters (anytime you buy new workout gear, it’s important to buy moisture-wicking material! Trust me!)

My socks were the no-show length, which wasn’t completely true…

But I don’t really care about that. My pink and purple socks matched my pink and purple shoes, so that was awesome! I don’t really care about my socks matching – that’s just a perk!

My feet were so comfortable during 13.1 run! I knew they would be, but it’s always nice to have confirmation! I didn’t have any problems with sweaty feet or blisters, or any other problems that can occur with your feet!

injini does no wrong! They may kid about their sock height, but that’s easily overlooked when you feel the quality of their socks!

I’ve built a great relationship with the good folks at injinji and we have some really, really exciting things coming SOON!! So stay tuned to the blog to see what surprises we have in store! You won’t want to miss it! I promise!!

Let’s talk it out:
 – Do you like your socks to match your shoes?
 – Who’s excited to hear the announcement?!

2 thoughts on “injinji does no wrong!

  1. chocolaterunnergirl says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Injinji!! I have been wearing them for the past few years and I can't wear anything else…I have not had a blister in years and that is HUGE for me! Love the cute color you have on. My running store only has boring black, gray and white. I need to invest in some cute colors! The style length you have is my fav!! I love the little back part that keeps my heel protected!
    Can't wait for the new news!


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