Racing… The Virtual Way

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador (SPA) I’m connected to a group of awesome women who share my love of fitness and running! I connected through another SPA via Facebook and found out that she pretty much has the coolest job ever – she runs a virtual race website! Click here to read my reaction when I found the BEST website ever! is a virtual running company that promotes movement! They raise money for a different charity each month plus they have AWESOME race medals

Here’s why I love JostRunning:

“The beauty of a race is that you can take a whole month to earn your medal. If you can do a mile a day, you can easily earn your Half or Full Marathon medal! Since our focus is on Movement, you don’t have to “run” our event. Walking, biking, swimming, or any other form of movement count!”

I’ve talked to the creators of JostRunning and they seriously are the best and super genuine! They put very few qualifications on entering their races and qualifying for a medal! You can do it by walking, swimming, skipping, running, dancing… anything! Just MOVE! You don’t even have to worry about a race cut-off time!

Because I have Multiple Sclerosis, which can often be a physically debilitating disease, I use JostRunning’s races as a way to force myself into a tough workout (I don’t take racing lightly!) in a comfortable atmosphere. I love running on the treadmill in the cardio theater at my gym. It’s the coolest place in the gym (temperature-wise and hang-out-wise) with huge fans and they’re always playing movies. Plus I don’t have to worry about stopping for traffic or the HOT Texas heat! It allows me to work harder than I could if I was running outside! It’s really the best of both worlds for me!

Which is why the JostRunning girls designed their races this way; they WANT people to sign up for their races despite any physical or mental disability or discomfort. Like they said, their focus is MOVEMENT! Just move, and you get a freaking awesome race medal!

Their website is even really user-friendly! 

They have tips, a running (well, moving) playlist, a list of upcoming races and FAQs! They even raise money for a different charity every money, so your money is going for a good cause! Like I said, these people are awesome!

You can even log your training:

And look at the leader board of people running the same race you are! This helps build unity and community among the runners (without them bumping into you or stepping on the back of your shoe at the starting line!)

Let’s chat!
 – What distance race would you run (walk, swim, bike, dance, etc. — just move) if you knew you had no time limits?
 – Which JostRunning race are you most interested in?


Let me know your thoughts!

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