How to Keep Track of Your {Fitness} Goals: #FeatureFriday Guest Post

I’m Mary, the girl behind, Eat Drink & Be Mary.  I’m a girl in her twenties who recently graduated college, and am now learning to love long distance.  A coffee loving, DIY crafting, recipe trying, legging wearing, Instagram obsessed, aspiring teacher and Christian.  Just trying to find my place in this “big girl” world, one blog post at a time.  You can often find me raving about a recipe I recently tried, an outfit I got a great deal on, or just a hodge podge of what’s on my mind lately.  Pour yourself a drink and stay while wontcha…

Hey y’all!  I’m Mary, the girl behind the blog Eat Drink & Be Mary.  I get my kicks spending time with family, baking, teaching kinders, clogging & small gym wins.  I’m a warm weather loving girl stuck in the mountains, who blogs just about everything that pops into my head, but I can’t be the only one right? Today I’m so excited to share with you the ways I’ve found to keep track of my fitness goals are progress.

* I’ve never claimed to be a fitness guru, and probably never will.  I have been trained in dance and have some health & fitness knowledge.  I will only give you tips & advise based on my experiences for what works for me.  Keep in mind that you know what’s best for your body, but I am always here for questions and advise.


I’ve come up with a couple tips & tricks I’ve learned from working out, buttttt even with this, I occasionally fall into a slump.  Don’t we all?  And sometimes it’s hard to come out of that slump, and way, way easier to remain on the couch and eat another bowl of popcorn.  Now that warm weather is here and bikini season is well on it’s way I’m kicking my booty into high gear.  Who’s with me?

Five Things + a Giveaway

I have several tactics on how to stay or get re-motivated.  Write down my goals and progress.  Workout with a friend/partner.  Log my water and calorie intake.  Keep a stash of fast & easy workouts for the days you just don’t think you can make it to the gym.  And of course, create a inspirational Pinterest board. 

It helps me stay accountable when my goals, and progress are written down.  I keep track of this usually on my phone, because it works best for me, and I always have it with me.  But I know some of you are more “list/planner people,” so for those of you here are some (mainly) free planners to track daily, monthly & more.

Monthly Tracker – Source

Pretty Pink Calendar helping put those workouts on a schedule
Monthly Planner — Source

Health and Fitness Printables - Workout Printables - Meal Planner - Home Organisation - Household Binder - 31 sheets
Health & Fitness Kit — This one isn’t free, unfortunately, but it’s only $9.50 and has everything you could want and more to plan out your health and fitness journey, goals, etc.

As I mentioned above, I like to keep track of my goals & progress mainly on my phone.  Having an iPhone definitely has it’s perks, in that I can find so many free apps to log everything I want to about working out and my fitness.  My favorites are: My Fitness Pal, Hydrate, Runtastic, Reminders.  Have any apps I should try out?  Let me know below 🙂

Cute, crafty & working out.  Do those three things even belong in the same sentence?  In most cases? No.  But in this case they do.  Some cute, & crafty options to display your weight loss.  I understand that you may not want to broadcast this to everyone that comes into your home, but keep it in your bathroom and when it’s all said and done you’ll have a “Pinterest Worthy” project you can tell your friends and family about.

Custom Weight Loss Counter Decals //DIY  Motivation Pounds lost, Pounds to Go // Choose colors and font on Etsy, $5.50

I just LOVE this idea!  How motivating!  #poundslost #weightloss

And what would a fitness post be without some inspirational quotes? 😉

Motivation .

All courtesy of Pinterest.

I hope will stop by my blog and say hey!  Leave your Pinterest motivation board link or any fitness advice you have for me.  I can’t wait to meet you all 🙂


Let’s chat!
  • What motivates you to continue to go to the gym? Do you have any tips for me?
  • What apps should I be using for health & fitness?

Let me know your thoughts!

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