Finding time for nutrition as a teacher

Can I just say that I’m FREAKING OUT! We are 49 days away from the NYC Marathon

Marathon training has been an awesome experience, and I’m actually going to miss it when it’s over. I’m in the peak of training, for sure. I’ve already run 20 miles twice, but I still have a 22-miler coming up before the end of the month, so that will be fun 🙂

I’m down to 9 toenails and on my second pair of shoes in this training cycle.

I also just started teaching high school video production and I LOVE it! 

But teaching is tiring. Hydration and nutrition are a key to a healthy lifestyle, but especially during marathon training. 

Knowing that my muscles need lots of nutrients I started drinking more protein shakes, only to find out that my protein contained gluten. Due to my MS I eat a gluten-free lifestyle, so my protein powder was actually counter-productive and was causing negative effects on my health. So hearing about my dilemma, the awesome people at Skoop sent me the best protein powder on the market!

I fell in love with Skoop and now have one of their plant-based protein shakes for breakfast every day! I’ve noticed that Skoop satisfies my hunger and cravings all day and it tastes delicious! (I really have noticed how I crave junk food on the days that I skip my Skoop shake!)

And as a teacher, it’s easy to drink while I walk around the classroom and work with the students! I’m not tied down to a plate or bowl at my desk!

Skoop has three options of protein to fit your lifestyle: A-Game, B-Strong, and B-Lovely, all of which are plant-based, providing super nutrition in a bag (or packet, if you order individual packets).

The best part for me is that it provides 16 grams of protein and 50% of almost all vitamins you need each day, for only 160 calories!

I love Skoop so much that I just signed up to automatically receive a new bag of B-Strong every month! (This also keeps me from having to remember to reorder, on top of all the other things I have to remember for of my students!) 

And for being one of my readers, you can enter my discount code for 10% off your order! So go to and see which of their products work best for you! I have no doubt you’ll love Skoop as much as I do!

This conversation is sponsored by Skoop, but the opinions and content are mine.

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