The best breakfast place ever. period.

You know when it’s a great vacation when you’ve lost track of time, so you look back at your pictures to help distinguish days but only find pictures of food and running a long the beach. And it would include naps but it’s weird for someone to take pictures of you sleeping.

Monday we went to breakfast heaven. Not even kidding.

Amazing mimosas.

And even better food. My pancake flight is made up of cinnamon roll, sweet potato and blueberry danish pancakes. All gluten-free, all the best thing I’ve ever eaten (with or without gluten).

After nap time, we walked to the beach to watch the sun set.

Isn’t this a super cool picture?

I love him.

You’ll be happy to know that we found a fantastic Mexican food restaurant with great margaritas and salsa. Crisis averted. Plus they had delicious queso and a mariachi band playing Christmas songs at each table. Very festive!

We needed to run off some of the deliciousness we consumed the day before, so we went for another quick run along the beach.

Followed by an intense game of tennis. 

Normally I would insert a breakfast or lunch picture now, but because we ate so much the day before, we weren’t hungry until late in the afternoon. So we watched the sun set from the pool.

Then we ate our meal of the day on a patio next to a fireplace.

I love San Diego.

I hope you’re having a fantastic and restful Christmas Eve! We’ve got some super exciting plans for tonight, so stay tuned!


Let’s chat!

  • What are your plans for Christmas? Have you traveled anywhere, or did family come to your house?
  • What restaurant would be your food heaven?

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