Things I love #2

I just celebrated a belated Christmas with my family and got seriously awesome stuff!

1. Conair Curl Secret
Let me introduce you to my new best friend. It was at the top of my Christmas wish-list this year, so I’m so glad my mom bought it for me! I’m so hair impaired that it’s sad. But luckily this thing is so easy to use and gives beautiful, natural curls!

2. My She Took a Breath and Let it Go journal
Also one of my Christmas gifts, which was designed by one of my mom’s friends. It allows you to record your days, your prayers, praises, peaks valleys, etc. It’s super adorable! See her other designs here.

3. My “See Countless Blessings” journal
Also along the lines of journaling (and before I received the above gift), I bought a lovely journal to write down my daily “what makes me happy” points, as part of my #GoalsToGlorify. I couldn’t have picked out a more fitting cover if I would have created it myself.

Yes, my Christmas tree is still up, and no, it’s not coming down anytime soon!

4. My news Mizuno Wave Rider 18s
Although I was really sad to retire my NYCM running shoes, these new babies made up for it pretty quickly. I only look longingly at my NYCM shoes approximately 3 times a week now, so that’s an improvement. I love the wide toe box, the color, and whatever they do to the sole of the shoe to feel comfortable support. I’m not even going to act like I know the science that goes behind all that.

5. Annie’s SnickerDoodle Cinnamon Sugar Cookies
One day I was craving a sugary snack (against my #GoalsToGlorify, I know) but didn’t want candy. I stumbled into the gluten-free section of Walmart and chose what turned out to be one of the best snacks in my life. It’s so good even the hubs was eating them by his own choice! Annie’s is doing something right with that stuff.

By the way, nothing in this post is sponsored, I just seriously love this stuff! All opinions are honest and are my own. And, if it’s your first time here, or if you enjoy what you’re reading, be sure you enter your email address in the box in the upper right-hand corner so you never miss a blog post! Or, if you’re on Bloglovin’ be sure you click here to follow my blog!


Let’s chat!

  • What products are you loving right now?
  • What item was at the top of your Christmas wishlist this year?



3 thoughts on “Things I love #2

  1. Larissa Dalton S says:

    Your hair is GORGEOUS! My hair is SUPER thick and wavy… but not curly… so I have to do work to get the curls I want. The journals are adorable, too. (And we just took down our tree on Thursday. It was hard to let to.)


  2. Kristen Runs says:

    You are too sweet, Larissa!! Thank you! I'm so hair impaired that I NEEDED something like this to fix it! Letting go your Christmas tree is hard to do! I told my husband that I have no intention of taking it down all year… luckily he agreed 🙂 Have a great Saturday!! XO!


  3. Lisa D says:

    Your hair looks great! My hair is finally getting long enough that I can start doing fun things with it. This curler would be perfect. I love those journals too! I have yet to find anything Annie's that I didn't like haha.


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