Marathon #2!

I got HUGE news today!

I’ve been accepted to run in the Chicago Marathon for the National MS Society of Greater Illinois!

I also ran for the National MS Society when I ran the New York City Marathon, and it made the experience even more meaningful, knowing that I was running for those who can’t.

So this year, I’m taking on Chicago!

Which makes me reminisce about my weekend in Chicago nearly two years ago. Let’s recount what I can’t wait to do again!

#3 Go sightseeing!

I hope to go to the Willis {aka Sears} Tower again!

#2 Go back to Wrigley Field. 

Maybe we can tour it this time!

#1 The food. Ohmygosh yes.

I’ve been dreaming about Chicago pizza since I last ate it two years ago.

And since the New York City Marathon photographers royally screwed up and didn’t capture me crossing the finish line of my first marathon, I’m being proactive to ensure I get a picture of me crossing the Chicago Marathon finish line:

Looks like I’ve got some muscle I need to go put on.

Let’s chat!
  • What food do you still dream about eating?
  • Do you have any exciting news to share with the group?!

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