Baby G: Weeks 10 & 11 updates

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This week was really exciting because we had my monthly appointment on Tuesday and got to hear the baby’s heartbeat! The doctor said it was between 160-170 beats per minute and was absolutely perfect! Which is always good news! 

We also did the second round of genetic testing which will tell us the gender of the baby when we get the results back in 2-3 weeks! I’m so excited!

So for this week’s questions:

How far along: 10 weeks
Total weight gain: Yeahhhhh, I accidentally saw when I looked at my online health records from my doctors appointment this week. I’m about +4 pounds, which is better than what I feel!
Maternity clothes: After eating all week in Mexico I wasn’t convinced my work pants would fit when I came back to work, but they did – praise the Lord! Although I started a new campaign called, “don’t put my clothes in the dryer because they’re already shrinking fast enough.” So still in my regular clothes for now! I’d love to get out of the first trimester in my real clothes, which might be possible if they keep avoiding the dryer.
Sleep: I have more energy nowadays than I did a couple of weeks ago so I’m not sleeping as much
Miss anything: Not really
Movement: Nope, but I can’t wait!
Food cravings: Rice Krispie Treats are my best friend right now. Isn’t that random? Although the most delicious thing I’ve been eating is a baked potato with chicken, chili and queso. Be still my heart.
Anything making you queasy or sick: The thought of chicken– not just any chicken, but specifically the chicken I make for my lunches every day. Thank goodness for rotisserie chicken and a husband who pulls the meat from the bones!
Have you started to show yet:  Not really, but my face has gotten rounder and my stomach has gotten rounder and seems much bigger after I eat.
Gender: I keep referring to the baby as a boy, but the hubs is convinced it’s a girl! I guess we’ll know in a few weeks!
Wedding rings on or off: On, and my goal is for them to stay on *fingers crossed*
Happy or moody most of the time: It’s like “week 10: day 1 – que emotions!” I’ve been more emotional lately, especially when I think of my clothes going into the dryer and shrinking even faster than they already are. 
Looking forward to: Telling the hubs’ family at his sister’s wedding this coming weekend.

Exercise: The baby and I have run 181 miles together! We had an AWESOME 7 mile run earlier in the week, but it may have been a little too much because my back hurt for the two days following. We have to get ready for our half marathon in the end of April!



How far along: 11 weeks
Total weight gain: I’m not sure because I’m not weighing myself
Maternity clothes: Still squeezing into my regular pants. At what point am I considered delirious for still forcing myself into my regular pants?
Sleep: Totally normal {except for at least one potty break interruption each night} and lovin’ it.
Miss anything: Not really!
Movement: Nope, not for  a few more weeks
Food cravings: Still sticking with my salty cravings (and nothing sweet besides fruit). Chips for the win.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Cheap / fake dairy like soft serve or cheap cheese like Cheetos, which is really unfortunate.
Have you started to show yet: Real funny. I think I’m at the chunky stage of pregnancy because my stomach is getting bigger and my clothes don’t fit as well as they should, but I don’t have the defined baby bump yet. I feel like my stomach was the talk of my sister-in-law’s wedding (aside from the beautiful bride, of course). 
Gender: I had a dream it was a boy, so I’ll take it!
Wedding rings on or off: On, but with this salt intake they’re not as comfortable as they could be
Happy or moody most of the time: Still happy!
Looking forward to: 

Exercise: Baby G and I ran a half marathon (the distance, not in a race) together last Saturday, so that was fun for me 🙂 So so far we’ve run 205.1 miles together!

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