Baby G: 29 Week Update

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How far along: 29 weeks! Seriously, how is it going this fast?!

Total weight gain: Good question 🙂 I don’t weigh myself between appointments but I’ll find out next Tuesday.

Maternity clothes: Yes, but specifically maternity tank tops with maternity shorts. This has been a mild summer in Texas with only 2 days officially over 100 degrees, yet it still feels incredibly hot. Earlier in the week I almost parked in a handicap parking spot because the nearest parking spot was 100 yards away and I didn’t want to walk that far. Don’t worry, I didn’t. 

Sleep: Still awesome! It is starting to hurt a bit when I roll over because my stomach is getting heavier but other than that I’m still sleeping really well.
Miss anything: No, I still pretty much feel like myself.
Movement: He definitely has been moving a lot lately although he must rock to sleep while I run because on days that I run he doesn’t move for a long time. But the craziest thing happened a couple nights ago! I woke up to go to the bathroom and when I tried to sit up it was very obvious that his foot or leg was under my left ribcage because my ribs hit a soft mass when I tried to sit up. It was the strangest feeling! Then of course I felt horrible because that couldn’t have been comfortable for him!
Food cravings: Everything, but nothing in particular. I’m back to eating two breakfasts a day like I did in the beginning, so I know he’s hitting a growth spurt.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. Seriously, this pregnancy has been so easy!
Have you started to show yet: At 29 weeks, yes. I should probably delete this question. Although I forget that my stomach has gotten bigger and it surprises me when I accidentally hit it on something. He pretty much takes up my whole stomach. He kicks my hip bones while punching my opposite ribcage 🙂 I’m so in love with feeling him kick! I know for sure I’ll miss it.

Gender: It’s a boy, but still no name yet. He’s just “the baby” 🙂

Wedding rings on or off: Still on!
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy for sure this week!

What else happened this week: I started researching pediatricians which is a seriously tedious task! I also finally caught a really good video of him moving and kicking. Normally when I start recording he stops moving, but last night was awesome because I laid a book on top of my stomach so it was easier to watch him move. At one point I inhaled deeply so my stomach expanded at the same time as he pushed up, so my stomach got a lot bigger at once from both of us!

Looking forward to: The baby’s appointment on Tuesday! Hopefully the doctor will measure my belly again because she didn’t last time 😦 I want to know how big he’s getting and if he’s on track!

Exercise: I finished up the month of July with 59.02 miles of exercise, 42.21 miles of running and 16.81 of walking {plus more when walking around on both of our vacations, but I didn’t track that distance}, which comes to a total of 485.57 miles of exercise since getting pregnant! Overall running still feels pretty good most of the time. Sometimes I have a hard time with my right hamstring working like it’s supposed to, and sometimes the ligaments between my hips and lower stomach hurt, but that’s understandable considering my stomach is big and bouncing! My running goal each week is to run 10 miles which I can do most of the time. When I’m running on the treadmill I run a mile then walk .25 miles {about 5 minutes} before running another mile. If something starts to hurt then I take a break and stretch or try to walk it out and start again. If it continues to hurt then I finish up the mile as best as I can {sometimes this includes walking or resting a lot} then I stop my workout. Adding to my running mileage isn’t worth an injury of any kind to me or the baby!

Let me know your thoughts!

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