Baby G: 33 Week Update

How far along: 33 weeks… I seriously cannot even believe how fast this has gone.

Total weight gain: I’m up 17.2 pounds. I’m pretty happy with that number.

Maternity clothes: Now that I’m back to school I have to wear professional maternity clothes. Not just yoga pants and tank tops 😦 Although those definitely make an appearance when I get home!

Sleep: With school starting I’ve been sleeping like a rock. I hardly roll over. Oh, and I’ve adopted a two-point rollover. I go from my left side to my back. Rest for a second. Then from my back to my right side. And vice versa when rolling from my right to my left. This keeps my lower stomach from cramping, which is awesome.

Miss anything: Wine. For real. After the first day of school I wanted a glass of wine so badly. Of all the times to not be able to drink…
Movement: He’s super active! And strong! I love it! Actually, on the first day of school during first period, within the first 5 minutes of class, the baby kicked SO hard! I grabbed my stomach and bent over because it was so sudden! Then I had to apologize to 21 freshmen and explain that I’m pregnant, not just crazy 🙂 And actually, just before writing this I’m pretty sure he tried to crack my ribs. I’ve never felt anything like it. It felt like a quick stab! Crazy 🙂

Food cravings: Other than alcohol? Nothing in particular.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, still not. This pregnancy has seriously been so easy!
Have you started to show yet: Oh yes, although it looks like I’m hiding a basketball under my shirt 🙂


Gender: A boy!
Wedding rings on or off: Still on! Yay!
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy for the most part, but I’m also really teary sometimes. I struggled over the weekend because it was my last vacation of summer. On Saturday night I was really tired but I didn’t want to go to sleep because I knew that meant school was coming even faster. So I tried to push off sleep but I got to the point where I was so tired I just cried. I felt a little silly crying “I’m just tired!” to my husband 🙂 

What else happened this week: The hubs surprised me with a little weekend staycation at a lovely hotel next to a lake! We had a blast relaxing by the pool all day {insert me craving a margarita or daiquiri}! 

It was a great early birthday present / babymoon part-2 / last weekend of summer trip. This was the night that I didn’t want to go to sleep because I didn’t want it to be over, and I didn’t want school to come any faster.

While we were at the hotel we got our maternity pictures back! They look SOO good!! I’m so in love with them!




We also had our monthly appointment and growth scan to measure how big the baby has gotten. He was measuring at 34 weeks 4 days {a week early} and weighs approximately 5.5 pounds 🙂 He’s gone down from the 89th percentile in size to the 79th percentile. My doctor estimates that he’ll weigh 7.5 to 8 pounds when he’s born 🙂 I wish that I could eat more and have the weight go to him {rather than me} because I LOVE chunky babies! I was hoping for a 8.5 to 9 pounder, but we’ll see 🙂

Oh yeah, and school started.

Looking forward to: My baby shower this upcoming weekend! Our families are coming into town and my best friends have worked so hard to throw a lovely shower! I’m so excited!
Exercise: I’m starting to miss running more and more. When I attempt to jog my hamstrings feel really tight. Then I remember I’m carrying around 17 pounds more than normal, so running will be even more difficult. I enjoy going on walks, I just wish it didn’t take so long to get in as many miles. So far the baby and I have exercised XX miles together!

Let me know your thoughts!

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