6 Tips to Maintaining Self-Control Over the Holidays‏

If you’re like me, you’ve spent too many post-holiday days trying to make up for the damage of overindulging in holiday snacks and foods. Holidays are filled with trigger foods and temptations that cause you to forget your health goals and eat too many unnecessary calories that will have you feeling defeated for days afterwards. So here are my favorite tips to maintaining self-control and stating on track over the holidays!

1. If you don’t want to feel like a cow, don’t graze like a cow

Often times there are a lot snack foods laying out for people to eat in between meals. However if you’re like me, this temptation ruins my self-control over the holidays. I’ve mindlessly eaten these snacks and won’t be hungry by the time the big meal rolls around.

So I came to this conclusion- if I don’t want to feel like a cow, I don’t need to graze all day like a cow. Cows spend their day walking around a field eating. That’s not how I want to spend my holidays. For me, the mental and emotional effects of snacking all day for several days is worse than the weight gain. I would rather maintain self-control around snacks and eat nutrients during mealtime to feel confident and in control!

2. Drink water, not your calories

Not only will drinking water keep your cravings at bay, but reaching for water over alcoholic drinks will keep your calorie intake at bay too.

If you’re like me, the sweeter the drink, the better. But the empty calories from mimosas with breakfast, margaritas at lunch and wine at dinner add up really quickly. In addition to that, consuming sugar makes you crave sugar. So you’re more likely to eat yet more cookies, fudge, or pie.

If beer is more your style, I don’t have to tell you how heavy you’ll feel after the empty calories of a few brewskis. Beer + an endless supply of Christmas treats + a big family meal makes for one miserable feeling person.

Instead, stick to water through the day and have a drink or two with your meal.

3. Be intentional about your food choices

Before being tempted by food, decide your game plan and stick to it. If you eat nutrients first, you’ll have less room for the unhealthy foods. You can also make a deal with yourself – skip the mashed potatoes at dinner and you can have a Christmas cookie. If you use a food journal or food tracking app, log your food ahead of time so you’re less likely to overeat.

4. Make time to exercise

I must exercise during the holidays. It’s my sanity and my “me” time. It’s when I can take some time away from socializing and just relax. Even if I sneak away for only 10 minutes, i make exercise part of my daily routine.

Exercise not only gives you a break, but it gives you endorphins, you’ll burn calories, and it gets you away from the tempting food staring you down all day.

5. Converse away from the kitchen

Because women work in the kitchen, the other women congregate to the kitchen to talk and catch up. Where is all the food? The kitchen. What do people do mindlessly? Eat. Put the two together and you can again easily eat your calories before sitting down to eat the meal you’ve helped prepare! So step out of the kitchen to catch up with family. Or…

6. Chew gum or {brush your teeth} to stop from snacking!

This is my favorite trick to keep from eating mindlessly. I hate to throw away a fresh piece of gum, and I don’t want to ruin my freshly-brushed teeth by eating a brownie {or another sugary treat}. So keep an extra packet of gum in your pocket and keep your toothbrush handy!

Although keep in mind, life is about balance and celebration! You’ll never get these days with your loved ones back, so cut yourself a little slack and enjoy a treat or two!


3 thoughts on “6 Tips to Maintaining Self-Control Over the Holidays‏

  1. Mai Lyn Ngo says:

    Great post and lots of helpful tips here. I feel like all the workouts Ive scheduled have been for damage control. Ha. With all the time off, I snack from boredom. Thanks for sharing. Will keep these in mind.


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