The Secret to Maintaining Your Weight Over the Holidays (while still eating seconds)

The anticipation of eating makes me feel hungry. It’s almost like my stomach gets confused at the idea that it gets to eat in a few hours and wants food immediately.  This is especially true around this time of year! The average person gains 5-10 pounds over the holidays, and most never take that weight back off. Over the last three years I have successfully maintained my weight through the holidays, and now you can too!

Are you ready for the secret?

Don’t snack all day before the big meal!

Holidays are filled with family, friends and food. Don’t add “fat pants” to that list 🙂 It’s always tempting to try every snack laying around, then go back for seconds (and thirds, and fourths, fifths… you get the point). But this mindless eating will wreck your diet (and if you’re like me, it will wreck your self-confidence for days). Like I always say, if you don’t want to feel like a cow, don’t eat like a cow.

Holidays are about celebrating the year with loved ones. It’s okay to relax a little on your diet, just don’t waste calories on junky foods that will leave you wanting to eat more. Instead, focus on eating protein throughout the day and save up your calories for that big meal at the end of the day! There’s no shame in having seconds of your favorite foods, just make sure you eat foods with the most nutritional value (meat, veggies, fruit) first!

Click here for other helpful tips for maintaining self-control over the holidays.


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