A Simple Trick to Weight Loss

One week in to my “HIIT Your Goals” online bootcamp and my bootcampers are already seeing great results on and off the scale! Woo-hoo! This week I’ll be preaching a revolutionary concept that will help them keep the weight off: logging daily food intake BEFORE actually eating.

My participants are required to log their food on My Fitness Pal each day and share their diaries with me. Knowing that their personal trainer literally gets a peek into their nutrition has forced them to make smarter choices.

Part of “making smarter choices,” is MEAL PLANNING! Planning what you eat each each day prevents mindless eating, eating fast-food, eating emotionally and giving in to temptations. More on that in another blog post.

This week I’m really going to push my bootcampers to log all of their meals for the following day before evening going to bed. So I should be able to look at Tuesday’s meal by Monday night. This incorporates meal preparation with meal planning!

This simple trick of logging meals before eating does three major things:

1. It makes the most of your trip to the grocery store {and saves money!}

I can’t tell you how many times i’ve gone to the grocery store to buy healthy foods but decided I’d rather out to eat all week instead. Then before I know it, my healthy food has spoiled and I have to throw out around $80 worth of food!

2. It takes the thinking out of food

I get hungry in anticipation of food. If I know a meal is coming up that I need to prepare, I want to eat everything in sight while I’m fixing the meal. If you already have food prepared, you don’t even have to think about what you’re going to eat. It’s already ready for you!

3. It holds you accountable

If you log your meals prior to eating, you’re far less likely to steer from your plan. Most people hate having to ADD to their food log once it’s already set. So logging meals before eating holds you accountable to the plan!

So no matter how much weight you want to lose, gain or maintain, I promise this simple trick will work for you!


4 thoughts on “A Simple Trick to Weight Loss

  1. Jerica says:

    Great tip!!!! I love love love meal planning! It hold me accountable especially at lunch time when I’m surrounded by horrible food choices! Plus, I feel so much better eating food I’ve prepared then fast food.


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