Measuring your value

Your life has more value than the number on the scale

Life has value and meaning that goes far beyond the number of calories in your food and the number that appears when you stand on the scale.

I used to weigh myself every day. The number on the scale determined how I felt about myself that day. It got to the point where I wouldn’t even drink water because I didn’t want to gain the water weight. Counting calories and becoming consumed by and stressed over food became exhausting. I went on crash diet after crash diet, seeing quick results that vanished as soon as I tried to get back into a regular eating routine.

It took me years to realize that two of the most important factors in living a healthy lifestyle are emotional and mental health. I decided that if a number was going to determine my day, I wanted to make it a positive number that encouraged better mental and emotional health. I decided to trade tracking calories and weight for counting things like:

-How many compliments I gave

-How many times I made someone smile

-How many minutes I spent catching up with a friend

-How many times I showed someone they mean something to me

-How many times you kissed or hugged someone important

If you’re struggling with the scale or counting calories, I encourage you to switch to a number that encourages mental and emotional health as well. Your life will become more meaningful and you’ll become happier, even if the number on the scale doesn’t change. You’ll immediately feel better once you switch your mindset to making others happy.  And from the perspective of those who receive your kind words, you will make their day better in ways you’ll likely never understand.


Let me know your thoughts!

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