Accelerate Bootcamp Announcement

accelerateDo you struggle to find time to work out? Would you benefit from fast-paced workouts that burn calories? Do you want to build the framework of a healthy lifestyle to set a strong example for your children? I am here to help YOU and it would be my absolute honor to inspire you to reach your health and fitness goals.
I am thrilled to announce my BRAND NEW Accelerate Bootcamp. In only four weeks, you will take big steps towards feeling the most confident you’ve ever felt! My program contains three 15-minute workouts each week so you can take the first step towards making a healthier lifestyle without taking time away from your family.

Here’s what you can expect from this bootcamp:

  • Highly-effective workouts designed by a personal trainer and mom who understands what you’re going through!
  • Online accountability and support to help you accomplish your goals
  • A one-on-one meeting with me to create a success plan to help you achieve your health and fitness goals
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Weekly challenges to help you create the habits of a healthy lifestyle
  • A grocery list of foods to fuel you and your family


Here’s how it works:

  • Workouts are sent at the beginning of each week
  • Participants follow a 3-day per week workout plan that includes video demonstrations created by me, a virtual personal trainer
  • Participate in the weekly challenges to help you build the healthy habits that will last a lifetime!
  • Participants must also pay in advance in complete all waiver and liability forms before the bootcamp begins


For more information, or to see if this program is right for you, schedule your FREE consult by clicking on the button below.

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