What you can’t afford…

can't affordThe #1 reason people think they can’t live a healthy lifestyle is that they “can’t afford it right now.”

I understand, I really do. That’s the reason why each of my workout programs is incredibly affordable for the value you receive.

You CAN afford my health and fitness programs. What you CAN’T afford is losing your life early because you believed for far too long that you didn’t have the money to life a healthy lifestyle.

Weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle is SO MUCH MORE than burning calories and eating less. As a matter of fact, that is NOT the solution!

If that was the case, then why, for the first time in the world’s history, are 1.1 BILLION people dying from malnutrition and lack of food, when another 1.1 BILLION people are struggling with preventable diseases and overweight-related issues due to too much unhealthy food? If simply eating less calories was true, then why wouldn’t these starving people be among the healthiest people on earth?

It is truly my life’s purpose to work with busy women to achieve their health and fitness goals. I can relate 120% to the being busy aspect of life, but as women who set an example for our children, we need to stop making excuses for our lack of health. Running low on time, energy, money, motivation, support, etc. those may seem like valid reasons why you CAN’T dedicate time to creating a healthy lifestyle, but on your death bed, those reasons wont be comforting. Trust me. When the medical report says you have a health-related disease you’ll think of all the times you should have done differently but it’s too late.

But tackling all of this on your own is overwhelming. I understand! I had a health coach help me straighten myself out after I was diagnoses with Multiple Sclerosis, and you know what? It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

That’s why I’m offering 5 clients an ongoing Elite Coaching Membership for a total that breaks down to less than $4 a day.

By working with me, you will learn to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle that works best for you and your family. For less than $4 a day I will give you the tools and motivation to create life-changing habits that will dramatically enhance your health.

This program is specifically for women who either have chronic diseases such as an autoimmune disease, heart related issues, are obese or need to lose 30 pounds or more. This isn’t for those who want to lose 5-10 pounds and get leaner. I have other programs that would be perfect for you but THIS program is specifically designed for the women who need assistance and coaching with a full lifestyle change.

When I was diagnosed with MS, the phrase that bothered me be most was, “your quality of life…” Doctors were trying to say that by getting on certain medications that it would enhance the quality of my life or that people who has MS generally tend to still live in a high quality of life.

People don’t use the phrase “quality of life” until there’s the risk that that quality could be taken from them.

Literally the day I was diagnosed with MS I  remember thinking, “I wish I could talk to myself in 20 years and ask, ‘what do you know now that you wish you would’ve known you were my age, either good or bad? What could’ve been prevented? What was inevitable?’ Because I want to come up with an action plan to either prevent the preventable or to make peace with the inevitable.”

And that’s why I hired my health coach and why I’m now putting myself in the position to help other women make the same changes.What I learned from her was invaluable. I cannot put a monetary value on what her lessons means to me. That’s why I’m passing them along to you at a rate that is highly-affordable.

So again, if you chronic diseases such as an autoimmune disease, heart related issues, are obese or need to lose 30 pounds or more, for three dollars a day I will provide you with key information and tools and workouts that will help enhance your life in a way that you’ve never felt before. Results are guaranteed!

You truly cannot pass this opportunity up, especially with a price so low! But remember, I only have 5 slots available, so click here to schedule a FREE call to see if this program would work for you!


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