What Question Are You Afraid to Ask Yourself?

IMG_2354Let me ask you this question. What question are you afraid to ask yourself?

Your answer to this probably depends on where you are in life. If you’re trying to get healthier the question you may be afraid to ask yourself is “how much do I weigh?” Or the question may be “how many calories is in this milkshake?” (or substitute milkshake with french fries, movie popcorn, ice cream, candy… what ever your weakness is.)

But let me ask you this: what happens if you don’t ask yourself that question? What’s the worst that could happen? And is the reality of the “worst” Is that why you’re not asking yourself the question?

I see this really often with a lot of my health and fitness clients. They are afraid to ask the question because they are afraid to know the reality of the situation. We live in the world we create for ourselves and so many people have created a false reality.

And commonly among women this goes one of two ways: it can either be the people lie to themselves and say they are more overweight or on healthier than they truly are or, more commonly people deny the reality that they truly are overweight and they truly NEED to get healthy. They’re denying themselves the truth and therefore denying themselves the help they NEED.

So maybe the real question is why are you not asking yourself the question you’re afraid of? Are you scared of the true reality it brings? Are you worried people will judge you for seeking help? Or are you so far removed from knowing what it’s like to be at a healthy weight and feeling confident that you don’t realize how far you’ve fallen down?

So what reality are you hiding from, or what lies are you telling yourself? You may not even know. But let me tell you what will happen if you continue denying reality.

You’ll never receive the help you need. You’ll never give yourself the fair chance to achieve your goals because you’ll never take that first step towards your goal. What are you unable to accomplish because of where you are in your health right now?

No one ever drifted to their desired destination. They came up with a plan based on their goal.

Helping people achieve their health and fitness goals is my passion. It’s truly the reason why I was created. Let me help you come up with a success plan based on YOUR goals. No judgement, nothing scary, only the desire to help you live the life you were created to live!

Click here to email me so we can set up a time to talk. My heart bursts with the hope that you will bravely take that first step towards living a healthier lifestyle for your family, your friends, but primarily for YOU!

Here’s what one of my former clients had to say about my Elite Coaching program:

Kristen’s program changed my life. With equal doses of education and inspiration she gave me confidence to do something that had been a life long dream: lose weight. She knows her stuff because she’s done it herself. This is an opportunity that can’t be missed. – Jamie B.


Let me know your thoughts!

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