5 Reasons why you should incorporate strength training in your weight loss routine

5 reasons why strength training helps you lose weight - blog and pinterestMost women partake in some form of cardio in order to lose weight. They eventually build up to hours on the treadmill, track or elliptical walking, running, or a combination of the two in order to torch more calories. But there’s a better, more effective way to blast that unwanted fat.

Cardio is important and has its purpose. However, incorporating strength training is invaluable when it comes to weight loss. Here are 5 reasons why you should incorporate strength training in your workout routine:

1. Strength training continues burning calories after your workout

Cardio is great for burning calories while you’re working out, but because your muscles are repairing and growing after strength training workouts, it continues to burn calories even after your workout is finished.


2. Strength training strengthens your muscles and tones your skin

This one is common knowledge, and no, strength training will not make you “bulky” or “look like a man.” It will actually help you look and become healthy and strong. The benefits of strength training surpass the idea that you’ll look good in your bikini this summer, it’s about strengthening your current self to protect your future self.


3. Strength training also strengthens your joints and bones

Adding weights to your routine not only strengths your muscles, but the resistance strengthens your muscles and bones. It increases bone density (important to prevent osteoporosis), lessens joint pain and improves your balance.


4. Strength training is a great way to make sure your workouts are effective

The more consistently you work out, the more efficient your body becomes. This means walking 1 mile doesn’t burn the same amount of calories it did before. But by incorporating strength training, it gives your body a new challenge and makes sure you’re making the most of your workout.


5. It boosts your mood and energy levels without dedicating a lot of time

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is really popular for those who don’t have a lot of time to get in a good workout. Believe me, in only 5 minutes I can get in a lot of cardio AND strength training. After those 5 minutes I’m full of energy, have a better perspective on life and my workout is finished for the day!


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Let me know your thoughts!

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