Hi, I’m Kristen. I’m a certified personal trainer, new mom and an avid runner. My purpose is to help women achieve their health and fitness goals more effectively.

So how did I get here?

I was the chunky kid in school. I never felt beautiful. I felt trapped inside a chunky kid’s body. By the time I entered high school I joined Weight Watchers at least 4 times. I became an expert point-counter. But the weight came back time and time again.

Then my last semester of college I began running to lose the weight I gained while living the college student lifestyle. I went from running 100 yards to a half marathon following my own plan. While training I feel in love with how I felt while running. Taking one step more each time I ran, plus losing 15 pounds, was so exciting!

Then in 2013, eight days before my 24th birthday, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Statistically I’ll need assistance walking by the time I’m 44. Upon my diagnosis, running went from a fun form of exercise to being my therapy, my sanity, my time to think and my time to not think. Suddenly running and living a healthy lifestyle became a daily goal.

I know I won’t be able to run forever, whether it’s due to old age or MS. But I’ll always know my legs took me as far as I could go while I could run.

My MS diagnosis allowed me one of my life’s greatest accomplishments – running the 2014 New York City Marathon for the National MS Society.


Marrying my husband is another of my life’s greatest accomplishments. Luke and I met when when we were 19 and 17 respectively. He immediately became my best friend. After 5 and 1/2 years we got married and started a life better than I could have imagined.


Our life was perfect when nearly 4 years after we said, “I do,” we welcomed a precious baby boy into our lives! The day we met our sweet son became the greatest accomplishment of my life. And yes, I ran through my pregnancy 🙂