Wai Probiotics: The #1 product I was missing in my health journey

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Silver Fern™ Brand. All opinions are my own.

I’ve found my new favorite drink! It’s delicious and truly heals me from the inside out! The new SilverFern Wai probiotics are top of the line and the most beneficial probiotic on the market.

Probiotics were only something I had heard about but didn’t give much thought to until my son’s doctor recommended a probiotic for his tummy to compensate for some medicine he was taking. Being very careful about my 8-month-old’s health, I researched the benefits of a probiotic. Little did I know, it was the #1 thing I needed for my own health!

matthew reaching for the silverfern wai probiotics

I have multiple sclerosis (which compromises my immune system) and show signs of leaky gut syndrome due to my gluten intolerance, so after doing my research, I knew I needed to get on a probiotic immediately.

SilverFern’s Wai probiotics come in a selection of delicious flavors that focus on bringing good bacteria back to your digestive system. There are thousands of probiotic options, but Wai’s probiotics are shelf-stable, heat-stable, support digestion of dairy, soy, egg and gluten, survive in the presence of antibiotics, and have superior survivability.

silverfern wai cranberry raspberry probiotics


Who needs probiotics?

Everyone can benefit from daily probiotics, just like everyone can benefit from taking a multivitamin each day. But people who have any of the following would especially benefit from Wai Probiotics: autoimmune diseases, digestive issues, weak immune system, autism, or frequent or reoccurring yeast infections.

What are the benefits of probiotics?

Because probiotics are good bacteria that naturally occur in our bodies, scientists are showing that illnesses and diseases can be prevented by restoring the digestive tract with probiotics. As if that’s not enough, probiotics can boost your immune system, improve digestive function, fight food-borne illnesses, manage and treat skin disorders, and heal inflammatory diseases.

Drinking the Wai probiotics drink mix is my new favorite way to wake up in the morning. I’ve tried all of their different flavors, and they all were delicious!


mixing the silverfern wai probiotics

Between being a mom, running a business, and training for a marathon, I need to stay in top shape when it comes to my health. SilverFern’s Wai Probiotics completes the circle of me staying as healthy as I can, from the inside out!

silverfern wai probiotcs final product

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