Hidden sugars in “healthy” foods

5 foods disguised as healthy pinterest KRDo you struggle with a sugar addiction or sugar cravings? Even if you don’t commonly eat candy, there’s a good chance that you’re consuming foods with hidden sugar. The average American eats 50 pounds of sugar each year! No wonder we have so many medical issues on the rise! There is sugar in nearly every food. Here’s a list of 5 foods that are in the everyday American household, that are disguised as healthy, but actually contain a lot of sugar:

  1. Whole wheat bread
  2. Granola bars
  3. Yogurt
  4. Salad dressing
  5. Cereal

Do you eat any of these? If so, you likely consume more sugar than you think. Nearly everything processed contains sugar to make it taste better, and to disguise the other junky ingredients. Companies know that sugar is addictive, so by adding sugar in their foods, you literally become addicted, and literally go back for more and more, so they ultimately make more money.

So let’s break down the above list:

  1. Whole wheat bread- Actually, bread of any kind is primarily sugar. If you start your morning off with toast, you’re jump starting your day with sugar.
  1. Granola bars- Sure, nuts, seeds, dried fruit have health benefits, but the manufacturers add sugar to make it taste more delicious, and again, to get you addicted and keep you coming back for more and more. The best granola bar is one that YOU make at home because YOU’RE in control of the ingredients!
  1. Yogurt- Regular yogurt in itself doesn’t taste very good. That’s why the manufacturers add sugar in the form of flavors. But one container of yogurt oftentimes has more sugar than a full-sized candy bar. It’s better to eat greek yogurt because it contains a lot of protein and contains less than 6g of sugar.
  1. Salad dressing-The majority of calories, empty calories, come from salad dressings. I talked about this in last week’s fit tip friday video, but I want to reemphasize it today. Salads can be one of the highest-calorie items on a restaurant menu and it’s because the sugar content. If you must use dressing, choose something that is oil or vinegar based, and dip your salad into the dressing, don’t pour the dressing over your salad.
  1. Cereal- This is a big one, Many people don’t realize that cereal is basically dehydrated, flavored bread. Cereal is hyper-processed, so it lasts for months at a time. Yes, it is delicious, but you know what else? It’s the sugar that makes it so delicious and keeps us coming back for more and more. What’s scary, too is that in America, we commonly give our children cereal, so we get them addicted at an early age! This must stop!

Your body craves what you give it, and when you eat something with sugar, whether or not you know it, your body will continue to crave sugar. I struggle with a sugar addiction and what’s really interesting is that most of the time my sugar craving comes in the form of wanting peanut butter. So there’s a 6th item to add to the list. Peanut butter is seen as healthy, and there can be some excuses made for it, but it also contains quite a bit of sugar and actually isn’t healthy.

All this week we’ve been talking about living a beneficial life, and by eliminating sugar, even by eliminating the items we talked about today, you’ve made great leaps towards living a more beneficial life!