5-day Detox

I’m always excited, but not surprised by the results of my 5-Day Detox.

Are you struggling to achieve the weight loss results you desire? Or do you want to jump-start your weight loss and see results quickly? Or perhaps you’re tired of feeling sluggish and bloated and want to feel better fast.

After a week-long vacation in New York City, eating out for every meal and enjoying the moment by trying foods I wouldn’t other wise eat, I needed to detox my body.

After I followed my 5-Day Detox program, I jumped on the scale and noticed I lost 4.6 pounds and 3 inches around my stomach in 5 days! I was so excited, but not at all surprised.

So I took the Detox to my clients. They saw AMAZING results, too!

Rachel used the detox to help her feel even more beautiful and confident on her wedding day:

“Kristen’s detox really set me back on track for my upcoming wedding! I have been eating clean for years, but after going through her course, I realized just how lax my eating habits had become. Thanks Kristen for all of your help and support! I can’t wait to rock my wedding dress!”

The results from Marie’s detox helped her feel like a better mom and wife to her 4-moth old baby:

“I decided to do this detox because I was always feeling run down and tired. I knew my eating habits had something to do with it. Now after doing the detox I’ve never felt so good! I lost 8 pounds in just 5 days! I gained energy to do more thing with my husband and baby. I just all around feel amazing! It has inspired me to want to live a healthier lifestyle.”

That’s what happens when you focus on eating whole foods, not processed and packaged foods. I feel better, I have more energy, and what’s even more exciting than the weight loss I experienced is that my sugar cravings have subsided! This is HUGE for me!

My stomach is flatter,
My face is thinner,
I’m no longer puffy (a polite way of saying bloated!),
My joints don’t hurt,
I have more energy,
I crave healthy foods,
Oh yeah, and I weigh less!

These are a few of the results I’ve seen by being dedicated to detoxing my body for only 5 days.

I want you to achieve results too!

By following the 5-Day Detox plan, you will feel better in only 5 days, too!

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